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Heavenly Hellebores

As you walk through your garden waiting for spring and the glory of blooming madness - the hellebore, also known as the “Lenten Rose,” is a winter flowering gem whose petals bloom for months and varieties include a spectrum of colors. Hellebores prefer rich, well-amended soil (we suggest Bumper Crop) however; this low maintenance beauty only needs to be fertilized once or twice a year.

The hellebore’s petals are actually sepals that remain on the plant for several months, which bloom in the center surrounded by a clump of yellow stamens. The ideal growing condition for a hellebore is in a spot that receives winter sun but shade in the summer.

In Northern California, where we enjoy a mild winter climate, a hellebore seedling can eventually grow to 2 feet tall in circumference. Because hellebore plants self-sow so readily, to cultivate additional plants, simply let spent flowers go to seed and transplant where desired.

Varieties include:

'Snow Love': These white petals are highlighted with a greenish tinge, reminiscent of honeydew melons.

'Winter Sunshine': Cream that transitions to pink-red.

'Candy Love': Lime green blended with white.

'Tutu': Lavender with splashes of maroon.

'Penny’s Pink': Deep, dark pink flowers.

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