Rose Pruning Class and Demonstration

January 17, 2010, Fremont, California

This is one of our most popularly attended events of the season...learn the art of rose pruning from the good people at the Rose Society of the East Bay. Pruning techniques for various types of roses will be taught, with information on tools, gloves, fertilizer and other rose centric topics.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to learn from the experts. Life long rose growers will be on hand to impart their knowledge and expertise on the art of rose pruning. How to prune different types of roses, complete with in person demonstrations will be discussed. While you are here, we will have our brand new inventory of bare root roses and fruit trees in stock and ready to sell. You'll see the newest varieties, along with those old favorites everyone seems to look for every year. We look forward to seeing you here! Sunday, January 17th. 10am till 12:00 noon. Regan Nursery 4268 Decoto Road Fremont, California 94555 510.797.3222

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