Easy Does It: A Clear Winner!

For 2010, there is only ONE rose that is an AARS winner...Easy Does It. And, there was a great article in the San Francisco Chronicle this past Sunday, January 1st, that should make perfectly clear why this rose is the winner...

According to the author, and esteemed Rosarian, Mr. Rayford Reddell:

"Most years, two, three or four awards are given. This year, there's only one - "Easy Does It." It's been 20 years since there was a single winner, but this choice was obvious. According to one of the most esteemed judges of the All-America rose selections, "Easy Does It" didn't just receive the highest scores from judges across the country, it left other contenders in the dust.

If you see a bush of "Easy Does It" in bloom, you, too will see that's it's a clear, irresistible winner. It's a frilly affair, with perfectly serrated petals whose petal colors resemble a fruit salad - shades of mango, peach and apricot are evenly spread across blooms with 25-30 petals each (ideal for the Bay Area). As good Floribunda roses should, blossoms appear in clusters."

You can read the full article at the following URL:

We can reserve one of these beauties for you, if you place your order on line at www.regannursery.com, or simply call us at 510.797.3222 in California, or 800.249.4680 for Out of State Customers.

Please be aware that for orders requiring shipment to the East, or requiring cold storage, we take orders only until the end of January. We can ship as late as the end of April, as necessary.

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