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If you're like us, you love to share your roses with other rose aficionados. With the help of the Internet, you can now show off your rose or rose garden on our site. To get started, click on the camera at the right. Uploading your image is as easy as attaching a file to an e-mail. We look forward to you contributing to our virtual global garden tour.

Thank You for the lovely pictures!!

To enjoy other photos, click on a thumbnail and the corresponding image will display.

Art in the Garden (1)

Artists and their Banners

Customer Rose Gallery (179)

Dog Days of Summer (20)

We invited our customers to bring in their pets during our 'Dog Days of Summer' Sale! Honestly, we are all animal lovers here at the Nursery! It was a great excuse for us to meet our customers best friends and make new friends! Hope you enjoy the beautiful companions!

Fall Harvest (7)

Garden Center (1)

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