Japanese Maples

Upright, weeping, shade and sun tolerant Japanese Maples

We have the best selection of Japanese Maples in the entire Bay Area! Our Japanese Maples are available in one gallon, three gallon, and some very impressive specimens in five gallon containers at very reasonable prices.

Did you know that Japanese Maples uprights, weeping forms, sun tolerant maples, and those for shade are all here in profusion.  The maples from the 'Ghost' series are spectacular this year, as are the 'Floating Clouds' Ukigumo, and the Full Moon, Shirasawanum Aureum.

We carry the beautiful "Red Select" Japanese Maple, one of the lovliest of all the lace leaf Japanese Maples. It a strong growth habit which makes it a fine choice for landscaping.  It's a hardy, low-growing tree to 3-4'. It's recommended for borders, accent, container and pond area plantings. It has deep crimson tones in the spring and summer that turn a showy crimson red in the fall. 

Another Japanese Maple we have in stock is "Moonfire" which is prized for its long-lasting purplish-red, almost black, leaf color. In the sun you can see faint blue overtones. It's a hardy, deciduous, and when young, fast growing tree. It grows to a height of 12-15'. It's great as an accent in your landscape, for the patio, entry, or in a container. It loves full to part sun and good drainage.