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From receiving your bare root rose, to soil prep and planting to rose-related glossary of terms and information on various rose types, you have found the source for everything roses.

Our expertise in Roses is second to none in the entire San Francisco Bay Area and located in the East Bay. We sell one of the largest selection of Grade #1 roses from rose producers all over the U.S. and Canada. They include Bakker Nurseries, Certified Roses, Hortico, Jackson & Perkins, Pickering (providing most of our Old Garden Roses), Star Roses, and Weeks Roses. Roses are not a side business for us, they are our primary business during the winter season. Regan Nursery began carrying a large inventory of bareroot roses in 1965. Today we are the one of the largest suppliers of Grade #1 roses in North America, carrying nearly 1000 varieties of roses every year. We share our knowledge and expertise with our hopes that you acheive a love of roses as we have.

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