Tahitian Sunset

Rosa Hybrid Tea

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2006 AARS Winner. Peachy apricot-pink with glowing orange and sunny yellow highlights (Hybrid Tea).

  • Height: 6- Feet
  • Spread: - Inches
  • Petal Count: 25-30
  • Hardiness Zone: 6b-9b
  • Intro Year: 2006
  • AARS Winner Year: 2006
  • AARS Rating: 7.7
  • Bloom Color: Apricot/Apricot Blend
  • Breeder: Zary

Interesting Notes:

Grab your passports, everybody, and fasten your seat belts: Keith Zary's breathtaking exotic multi-hued new AARS winner is taking us all on vacation! You might not get an actual tan just from looking at 'Tahitian Sunset,' but you could qualify for frequent-flyer miles, it's so close to the real thing. The flowers have a classic high-centered Hybrid Tea form, measure up to a spectacular 6" in diameter with a 30 petal count, are carried on strong long straight 16" stems for your flower arranging pleasure, and have an intriguing fragrance. Test gardeners all around the country have been reporting excellent disease resistance. 'Tahitian Sunset' is hybridizer Keith Zary's ninth winner of the prestigious All American Rose Selection award, keeping him neck and neck with Tom Carruth as the world's leading rose breeder. The competition between these two giants is heating up, and that's bound to be good news for rose lovers everywhere. Anyway, this new rose is certainly calling my name. Dr. Leda 2005

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