What is the 'Simple-to-Grow' rose collection?
'Simple-to-Grow' roses have been chosen by the David Austin Rose company falling into 4 groups that are;
Gardener Friendly- (G) Low maintenance roses selected for the US gardens which are Simple To Grow even for the New Gardener.
Fragrant- (F) This collection includes the most fragrant, repeat flowering roses. The fragrances include myrrh, fruity, musky, tea and the classic old rose scents. 
Climbing- (C) Best for covering walls, pillars, trellises and fences. These roses are vigorous without growing too large and are repeat blooming throughout the season. (These roses will exceed their listed height in areas with extended growing seasons such as the San Francisco Bay Area.)
New Introductions- (N) Selected from the best of the most recent releases.