Ebb Tide ® - WEKsmopur PP # 18,850

Rosa Floribunda

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Ebb Tide may be the deepest, darkest, most scrumptious purple rose we've ever seen. It boasts smoked, deep plum-purple double blossoms. The shrub grows in a compact, rounded shape and is very disease resistant. It has a strong fragrance, a wonderful combination of clove and citrus blossom.

  • Height: 4- Feet
  • Spread: 4- Feet
  • Petal Count: 35+
  • Hardiness Zone: 6-11
  • Intro Year: 2006
  • AARS Rating: 7.5
  • Bloom Color: Purple/Lavendar/Mauve
  • Breeder: Carruth

Interesting Notes:

Like most purple roses, the size and color of the flowers varies with the temperature, and this rose seems to be biggest and darkest when the weather is cooler. Since the brutal 95+ degree summer days have set in, the old-fashioned cupped blossoms have been coming in somewhat smaller, and have turned a lighter lavender-mauve with intriguing smoky overtones. They're still quite lovely though, not at all "washed out," and are still the star of the show even when surrounded by dark purple Salvias and Irises. The fragrance of 'Ebb Tide' is officially described as "strong clove," but once again my defective nose says, "Huh?" What I detect is a strong delicious deep perfume that is best described as "pure heavenly typical rose." So far my healthy, glossy little bush has never been out of bloom for even a day. Dr. Leda

Ebb Tide ® Characteristics & Attributes

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