Port Sunlight™ - Auslofty

Rosa English Rose

Thanks to all who have ordered with us this season!

We will open the 2024 Rose order season at the end of October 2023, shipping begins in February of 2024.

  • Port Sunlight has 90 petals that are arranged to form somewhat quartered rosettes.
  • As outer petals age they turn back and lighten in color.
  • New growth of the plant is bronzy red.
  • Port Sunlight is upright in growth and best used at the back of the bed or border.
  • Multiflora rootstock
  • Photo by J.C. Bakker & Sons (https://www.jcbakker.com)

Interesting Notes:

Port Sunlight has a rich Tea fragrance and is very disease resistant.

Multiflora rootstock

Port Sunlight Characteristics & Attributes

Rose Color
Disease Resistant
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