Cinderella® Fairy Tale Returning 2019

Rosa Landscape/Shrub-Climber (Fairy Tale Collection Series)

Thanks to all who have ordered with us this season!

We will open the 2022 Rose order season in September, shipping in February of 2022, with all the newest varieties from the growers including the New ARS winner for 2022.

  • 4" diameter, born in small clusters.
  • Cupped, old-fashioned bloom form.
  • Can be trained as a small climber.
  • Winner of gold medals in Baden-Baden, Geneva and Rome.
  • Introduced by Kordes Roses in 2006
  • Multiflora rootstock
  • While still considered grade #1 roses, roses coming from Canada are much smaller than roses grown in the US because of the shorter and more adverse weather conditions.

  • Height: 4-5 ft
  • Spread: 2-3 ft
  • Petal Count: 50+
  • Hardiness Zone: 5-9
  • Intro Year: 2006
  • Bloom Color: Light Pink
  • Breeder: Kordes

Interesting Notes:

Note: This rose was introduced in Europe or the UK earlier than here in the US. This introduction date refers to the new roses provided from our growers to us for this year.

Cinderella Fairy Tale Returning 2019 Characteristics & Attributes

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