Rosie The Riveter
Eyeconic Mango Lemonade Rose
The White Knock Out Rose
Highwire Flyer Rose
Frida Kahlo Rose
The Peachy Knock Out Rose
Lemon Drift Rose
Top Gun Rose
Shirley's Bouquet Rose
Lady in Red Rose
Polar Express Rose
Sunny Sky Rose
Le Petit Prince Rose
St. Tropez Rose
Easy Spirit Rose
Desmond Tutu Rose
Easy on the Eyes Rose
Grape Jelly Rose
Parade Day Rose
Fiji Rose
Hot and Sassy Rose
Plum Perfect Rose
Quick Silver Rose
Bloody Mary Rose
Moonlight Romantica Rose
Sweet Mademoiselle Rose
The Coral Knock Out Rose
Savannah Rose

Time to pick your Dream Team of New Roses!

Bare Root Rose order season is now open!

Shipments begin in late January 2018.
Orders going into cold storage for shipment in March or April must be placed by January 31.

Attention local customers; We no longer have the bare root beds of roses to shop from. Labor and material costs have made it difficult to do. Please place your order online and we will pull the roses for you and call you when they are ready for pick up. 

Click here to choose your favorites, New Roses for 2018.

2017 presented us with the largest number of new roses ever. Just when you think there can't be that many more, we get lucky!!

Certified Roses has introduced, from the Orard hybridizers, Shirley's Bouquet'™' in honor of Shirley Staples. A long time employee starting as part of staff and retiring as the President of Certified Roses several decades later. Personally speaking, I met Shirley on many occasions. She is as charming as her rose is beautiful. Congratulations Shirley!

For 2018, Kordes Roses has released, through Certified Roses, a number of beautiful varieties new to the US.

Many have been in Europe for some time and won many awards. Now we get to share in the beauty and joy of these lovely varieties!

They include;

Kordes Eleganza CollectionBeverly™Fiji™, and Grande Amore®

Kordes Sunbelt Collection - Desmond Tutu™Plum Perfect™Polar Express™, and Savannah™.

The Arborose Collection - Newest addition; Climbing Quick Silver™ Midsize climbers that are disease resistant and easy to grow. Blooming on new and old wood, they are very floriferous. Designed to grow on 5-7 ft. fences, walls and arbors.

My Bouquet Roses Collection - Compact growers great for the patio, in containers, or the garden. Described as Mini-flora roses, they grow 2-3 ft. (probably taller in California gardens) The blooms have a longer vase life than traditional varieties. They can be grown as hedges, in containers, or stand alone plants.

The Parfuma Collection of Roses -These varieties are chosen for their exceptional fragrance, romantic (old fashioned) blooms, and disease-resistance. They are great as cut roses bringing their fragrance into the house.

Kolorscape Collection of Roses - Shrub type roses created to use as hedges, in borders and public spaces. Disease resistant, self cleaning, and compact. In the Nursery, these roses have been very impressive. Freely flowering and attractive.

From Weeks Roses;
'Easy to Love' Rose CollectionEasy Spirit™, and  Easy on the Eyes™ 

Want roses with personality?
Take a look at Bloody Mary™Desmond Tutu™Frida Kahlo®, Rosie the Riveter™, and Le Petit Prince'™'

Please check out all of the new introductions for 2018 here.


  1. Hybrid tea roses
  2. Grandiflora roses
  3. Floribunda roses
  4. David Austin English roses
  5. Climbing roses
  6. Miniature roses
  7. Landscape roses

All American Roses

All American Rose (AARS) is a designation that was given by All America Rose Selections to roses evaluated for a certain period of time by test gardens throughout the United States.

The last rose given this designation was Francis Meilland, a truly beautiful Hybrid Tea.
Some roses are also evaluated by the ADR working group in Germany, the toughest rose selection trial in the world. A winning rose embodies all of the characteristics consumers desire in a garden plant including disease resistance and fragrance.

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