We are so excited to welcome shoppers back into the nursery!

On days when the air quality is poor -We may close early for the safety of both our customers and staff.

We have missed you and can't wait to see you again! Please be patient with us. Some things will be different than before. COVID-19 has presented a new set of circumstances for all of us.

We have implemented a number of changes to accommodate safe social distancing. Please understand that we are also operating with less staff than usual.

Your shopping experience will be more self-service than before. Our staff will be able to answer basic questions, but will not be able to engage in long, in-depth conversations.Your cooperation will help us to remain open to you while providing a safe experience for customers and staff.

Customers and staff must wear a protective mask and maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet at all times, as required by Alameda County Health Services.

Only 10 vehicles will be admitted into the parking lot at a time and the number of customers allowed will be limited to 2 adults (at least 16 years old) per vehicle.

Unfortunately, we can not have children(under 16 years old) or pets in the nursery at this time and they can not be left in the vehicle.

Vehicles that do not meet this requirement WILL be turned away.

Walk-Ins (parking on side streets and walking into the nursery) are not permitted.

We accept all major cards and will not be accepting checks at this time.

• Please understand that we are operating with a limited staff, under unusual conditions.
• We will not be accepting Special Orders at this time.
• We will not be able to hold or set aside plants.
All sales are final, returns will not be accepted at this time.
• Local delivery is limited and subject to a minimum order and delivery fee.

When checking out, please step away from your cart to allow our staff to add up your order.

Parking lot traffic will be directed through a specified entry and exit route and we may limit parking if necessary to accommodate social distancing requirements in the nursery.

The entry gate may be intermittently closed during operating hours to limit number of customers in the nursery at a given time. For the safety of customers, our staff and our neighbors,please be courteous and do not obstruct road traffic, entrance or exits to the nursery and do not park in areas that are not designated for parking.

At this time, our small staff cannot accommodate requests for plant inventory over the phone,
email or through social media. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience.

HOURS HAVE CHANGED- Our hours of operation will be reduced so that we can care for plants, replenish, and sanitize while maintaining physical distancing.

OPEN:Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm(CLOSED 12PM-1PM)
CLOSED: on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Welcome Back!
We missed you and look forward to seeing you soon,

Regan Nursery