What do all those things mean?

What does the term Rugosa (Alba or Rubra) determine?

A type of root stock used primarily for hybrid Rugosa roses.

What does Multiflora mean?

This root stock is used primarily by producers in cold weather areas. Almost all of our roses from Canada are on Multiflora rootstock.

What or who is Dr. Huey?

Dr. Huey is a root stock. Most roses grown in the United States are grown in and around Wasco, California. Dr Huey root stock thrives in this area. It is very heat tolerant. Roses using this rootstock and grown in the upper midwest and north east will need winter protection.

What are Bare Rose Rootstocks?

Most all roses are grafted onto hardy rootstocks that are more vigorous and hardy than their native root stocks. Hybrid Tea roses grow much more vigorously on a root stock other than their own roots. The most commonly used root stocks are: Dr. Huey, Multiflora, or Rugosa (Alba or Rubra). Other rootstocks used occasionally used are Rosa coryn Laza, Rosa rubrifolia, and Rosa canina. All miniatures and most landscape roses are on their own roots.